The aesthetic and affordable jewelry landscape in Pakistan was slim to none back in 2018. The market was filled with traditional jewelry shops with a generic take on jewelry rather than anything innovative or new age. Jewelry sector outside Pakistan was already flourishing with new fresh aesthetic designs every season. This is when one 18 year old college student identified the gap in the market and decided to start something new to fulfill this desire for quality and charm.

Banana & Kale (B&K) was founded on December 4th 2018 with a vision to turn and innovate the jewelry market in Pakistan with a modern new age look for the modern woman. With inspiration from the best brands and the best seasons Banana &Kale started a new trend of jewelry that gave birth to a huge market which is still actively growing. But as the pioneer of this new sector B&K aims to provide the best quality and the best service to their loyal customer base with a promise to always deliver and innovate for new horizons and new ideas.